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Regular maintenance of your equipment is paramount to its ongoing safe and efficient operation. We highly recommend (and most insurance providers require) that appliances are serviced a minimum of once per annum. Regular maintenance allows us to anticipate potential failures and carry out proactive repairs to help prevent inconvenient breakdowns of your equipment.

We clean and inspect your equipment and check its correct and safe operation. With the aid of the latest combustion analysers, the running efficiency of your equipment is also checked and optimised to minimise your energy costs. Having completed any service, we provide you with a report detailing works carried out, any advisory notes, safety information or concerns, together with a copy of the combustion analysis and efficiency tests.

If you enter into a service agreement with ourselves we will service your equipment on a regular basis. The service agreement also gives you priority response and preferential rates in the unlikely event your equipment breaks down.

Servicing a large oil fired cast-iron boiler

Servicing a high output gas fired modular boiler array